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Nov. 6, 2009

For many of us, these are challenging times — physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually. Yet the challenges make us appreciate good news. And this is good news indeed.

You can help others and add income for yourself, your family, your friends and your community by joining proven network enterprises. After enduring tough times myself, I was fortunate to find these two. Or rather, I was fortunate that people cared enough to invite me in.

It was a big year, 2007. One of my AutoWay Ford truck customers introduced me to "Your Travel Biz," or YTB. A sales colleague introduced me to Saba, a regenerative drink a Russian scientist spent 45 years developing. I was taken by the efficiency of the networks and the friendliness of the folks.

Ideal for fundraising

Members of your church, club or community group can make multilevel money merely by signing up fellow members. YTB starts paying bonuses, sub-commissions and residuals after only three sign-ups. Saba starts paying after eight. Individuals can earn disposable, donatable income any time by selling Saba/AMS health products directly or ushering others to their YTB travel and shopping websites.


Endorsed by experts, converts, winners

Researching promising, profitable products and services, I met many wellness doctors and regular citizens who swear by Saba. The doctors talked of plant-based cell adaptogens, antioxidants and stress reduction. The real-people testimonies told of better health, moods, sleep, energy and GI function — and less dollar-draining dependence on drugs and their own doctors. Although I have yet to chronicle my cholesterol and blood pressure to confirm their stories, I found myself more focused, more assertive and less depressed after two weeks drinking

stimulant-free Saba (or "Seven," the number of main nutrients in the pomegranate mixture). Co-workers noticed that my sense of humor was "on."

YTB boasts inherent benefits and auditoriums of believers, too. By booking and shopping through their own travel websites, participants kick payments back to themselves, gain major tax write-offs, and capitalize on the world's best pricing. They also earn commissions when friends, family and others use those sites.

Intrinsic value of services and products differentiates good network marketing from "pyramid schemes." Saba and YTB, like Avon, Mary Kay and Amway, offer quality straight to consumers. If those consumers choose, they can realize revenue by enlisting others as promoters and sellers. But they do not have to.

Adding "downline" does grow major cash flow, however. I see the proof in the paid-off Palm Harbor/Ozona waterfront palaces where our local YTB and Saba directors host weekly parties. Their titles reflect financial achievement, not corporate appointment. Further evidence of their infectious success: throngs attending full schedules of larger, more public info sessions at commercial centers, banquet rooms and conference halls.

To join me at one of these fun, no-pressure events, please advise via any of the contacts below. Or, if you like what you see at these web addresses, just sign up, book or order right there.

Do it for yourself, your family, and the people closest to you.

See you soon, and thanks for reading!

Matt Lorenz, president, mattmedia of Florida, Inc.
lorenz@mattmediafla.com ; C 813-817-3339
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